Best Price mTherapy Anti-Ageing Beauty Pod Revolutionary Beauty System in UK

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Hot OFFER!! Looking for mTherapy Anti-Ageing Beauty Pod Revolutionary Beauty System. MTherapy is a new, simple, clinically tested, totally effective anti ageing skincare system that can be used in your own home. Developed by Dr Daniel Sister as an alternative to botox. Instead of injecting the skin, through a unique steam process the anti ageing serum, evolved by Laboratories Lysedia (Paris) is able to enter the skin.
In clinical tests 100% (**) of participants noticed an improvement in the quality, texture, level of hydration and skin grain of their face (sebum level and size of pores) after the first treatment.
The penetration of the active ingredients is less deep than can be achieved by needles, is offset by the frequency of sessions, affordability and it takes just 2 minutes to complete the treatment. The manufacturer recommends 1-2 treatments per week for four weeks, then once a week thereafter.
Young, oily skins are normalised and pores are tightened. Aged skins are rehydrated with a net lifting effect and an improvement in fine lines… In all cases the skin is more luminous, tightened and with a healthy rejuvenated look; texture being more even and the overall appearance of the skin improved.
(**)Laboratoires Lycedia commissioned independent clinical trials on a test group of women between the ages of 18 and 62 years old. Positive results were found in every case. These clinical tests confirmed improvement in every principal dermatological criterion and noted the visible reduction of ageing. The skin condition of those who used MTherapy seems to have genuinely led to a younger and healthier looking skin.

  • Visible results in just 30 mins
  • Vaporizes pores and removes bacteria
  • Whisky Stones are known to habour less impurities than ice. Giving you the perfect drink every time
  • Includes 2 Treatment pods
  • 2 phases vapor system; prepares skin, then cleanses

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