Best Price Zita West Vitamen Boost 2– Amino Acid powder with Zinc and Selenium to support sperm health in UK

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Hot OFFER!! Looking for Zita West Vitamen Boost 2– Amino Acid powder with Zinc and Selenium to support sperm health. WHY THE NEED FOR PRE-CONCEPTION VITAMINS?

We would recommend that supplements should be taken over a 3 to 4 month period in order to optimise their absorption into the body.

Vitamen Boost 2 is a unique combination of Zinc and Selenium, plus Carnitine, Arginine and Lycopene. In addition to the known properties of Zinc in supporting normal male fertility and reproduction and Selenium in protecting DNA from oxidative damage, some studies suggest that certain other nutrients (most particularly the amino acid Arginine and the dipeptide, Carnitine) may help support sperm count (Arginine) and sperm motility (Carnitine). Some studies suggest that low intake of Lycopene is also associated with poor sperm quality and impaired fertility. We have brought together these key nutrients for male fertility into a powdered formula that can be mixed with water or juice.


From her extensive work with 1000’s of couples, Zita has seen the impact poor nutrition can have on the fertility of both partners, a healthy pregnancy and on post-natal health for both mother and baby.


Mix one level teaspoon of powder with water or juice and take three times a day with food. Designed for use alongside Vitamen or any other good quality male multivitamin and mineral supplement for fertility and conception, and Vitamen Boost.

Suitable for vegetarians. Free from artificial colours, preservatives and gluten. Non-GM.

We recommend Vitamen Boost 2 alongside Vitamen to men who would like extra nutritional support for sperm generally, and alongside both Vitamen and Vitamen Boost to men who would also like help in combatting the potential adverse effects of oxidative stress, the likelihood of which increases with age.


If under medical supervision seek guidance from your medical practitioner before using this product.

  • ✔ SPERM HEALTH – important nutrients (Zinc and Selenium) for normal sperm production and protection of DNA (Selenium)
  • ✔ SOME studies suggest that L-Arginine may help support sperm count and L-Carnitine, sperm motility
  • ✔ SOME research suggests low intake of Lycopene is associated with diminished sperm quality
  • ✔ KEY NUTRIENTS for sperm production pre-pregnancy
  • ✔ IDEALLY USE in conjunction with Vitamen or any other good quality multivitamins for male fertility and conception – 90 Capsules – 1 Months Supply

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